Located on the campus of Michigan State University, Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center possesses many competitive advantages and attracts various guests. Given its unique cultural atmosphere and convenient access to MSU activities, Kellogg Center has a great potential to expand and grow its business. For this brief, I have analyzed the situation facing Kellogg Center and offered respective advice on the online advertising campaign, especially on utilizing Google AdWords.

1 Situation Analysis & Objectives

Kellogg Center (KC) is an on-campus facility providing four major services to visitors and MSU community, including:

  • Accommodations;
  • Conference and Social Affairs Catering;
  • Wedding;
  • Dining.

I conducted an informal research on what customers said about Kellogg Center in order to understand KC’s features and current status. I reviewed 29 comments on the famous traveling website TripAdvisor and got several key findings as below:

  1. 50% of the comments are under “business review” category, in which 60% of the guests recommend KC (rating as “excellent” or “very good”).
  2. Several reviews mentioned KC as a hotel for “business travel” and “conference stay”. Others recommended it as a great place for short trips (like “one night stay”).
  3. Some unique features pointed out by customers include “great locations for game days”, “free use of campus facilities”, and “small but beautiful room”.

The findings cannot be generalized as customer opinion on Kellogg Center. However, they did show KC’s features and match its functionalities. Thus, I made a quick SWOT analysis for Kellogg Center:

  • Strengths: great location, access to campus facilities, convenience
  • Weakness: relatively small rooms, high price
  • Opportunity: attract more campus visitors and business travelers
  • Threat: competitions from other hotels and conference centers.

KC faces the challenge to effectively use its unique location and access to attract more business. It needs to achieve several objectives including increasing awareness and facilitate purchase action (e.g. room registration, filling out request form, etc.). Since search engine is the priority today for information, I suggest Kellogg Center increase its online presence by leveraging the power of Google Advertising.

2 Key Benefits of Online Advertising

I believe that Kellogg Center can benefit from online advertising greatly. Among all the types of online advertising, search engine advertising (especially Google AdWords) is the one right for Kellogg Center. Facing fierce competitions in hotel and conference catering market, Kellogg Center has its own edges. However, it could cost KC a big budget to increase its awareness by using traditional advertising. Google AdWords can help KC meet its objectives by providing the following benefits:

  1. Google AdWords is one of the fastest ways to promote the brand;
  2. AdWords campaigns are easy to start and manage. We create ads for Kellogg Center – The ads appear on Google search results – We attract more customers.
  3. Online advertising like AdWords are relatively inexpensive. We can set our own budget based on our capabilities.
  4. Google AdWords can be highly targeted and specific. This is a critical feature for local business like Kellogg Center. By using AdWords, we can set the ads to appear only to people searching in a particular city or region, which realize our goals to target online customers within 20 miles radiation of our hotel.
  5. Instead of interrupting customers, AdWords can get our prospects find KC. This is also a very important benefit since more and more people rely on search engine to plan their traveling and meetings.

In short, Google AdWords is RIGHT for Kellogg Center because through the powerful search engine, we can send Right Messages to Right People in a Right Market at the Right Time!

3 Targeting Options & Keywords Analysis

For KC’s AdWords campaign, I suggest we categorize our target options and keywords based on KC’s functionalities. Here is a graph I made to analyze Kellogg Center’s target customers. By using AdWords Keyword Tool, I also respectively identified 3~4 keywords for different target customers.

kellogg_keywords(Image: Self-made by Lexie – Zi Liang)

The aboved keywords can be adjusted with flexibility. For example, all the “MSU” could be replaced as “Michigan State (University)”. Besides, some keywords are aimed to increase awareness by reminding customers KC can provide some services while they are attending activities like sporting games, or social affairs. Other keywords are used to attract searchers into KC’s landing page and try to drive them into the purchase action (like filling forms). The selected keywords are emphasizing lansing area since KC focuses on local business.

4 Sample Ad Copies

Based on the above analysis, here are some sample ads for Kellogg Center’s campaign.

(Image: Self-made by Lexie – Zi Liang)

5 Measuring Success

The campaign effectiveness needs to be measured on a regular basis in order to adjust advertising message and strategy. We also need to track online  conversation and calculate ROI. My suggestion is creating two similar ads with different messages and keyword mix, and test which one is better. In short, we are able to adjust AdWords campaign whenever we need to. We can also use some Google Tools for advertisers to measure our success.

I strongly believe that Kellogg Center will enhance its online awareness and meet its business goals through this Google AdWords campaign. I would be honored to implement this plan and help KC achieve a better future.

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* This post is originally published as an assignment on New Media Drivers License Seminars and named as “Example Work” and “MSU’s finest” on the course website.


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