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Brian Solis is a genius.

He has been globally recognized with many titles such as thought leader, futurist, published author, digital analyst, etc. However, I think the most important title for him is powerful blogger. Through blogging, he makes his voice heard by the world, finds resonance for his thoughts, and leads the trend in the era of Web2.0.

I’ve been reading Mr. Solis’ blog since this semester. I like his blog for several reasons:

1. Brian Solis is a brilliant visual thinker

There is one tiny detail that makes me really enjoy every post on Mr. Solis’ blog: pictures. Every post starts with a great picture. It can be comics, creative image, graphics, or simply a beautiful photo. These feature pictures have important functions more than decoration. They reflect the theme of the post and coordinate with post title, which helps grab attention from readers and drive them to continue the reading. For example, one of his latest posts is “Twitter Promoted to Ad Network”, with an image like below:


Don’t you want to know what’s in the article after seeing this picture?

As a blogging toddler, I think this is a simple but useful tip I learn to use in my blog. After the picture, of course, you still have to provide contents that are either interesting or insightful.

Besides eye-catching images, Brian Solis is also an expert at using graphics. He uses graphs to illustrate his research results, ideas, or opinions. I believe this is effective, especially in the area of new media. While we need to digest large amount of information and new trends, visual thinking really helps us learn faster and better. For blogging starters like me, we can visualize our thoughts via creating a graphic or simply borrowing a great one from experts like Brian Solis.

2. Brian Solis is an insightful digital marketer

Blogging tactics can make you popular, but it is your ideas that make you an “influencer”.

Brian Solis is one of those bloggers who provides insightful contents and influence the world. I think that’s the reason he qualifies as a powerful thought leader in social media. I learn a lot from reading his articles. More than giving facts and comments, he provides arguments and solutions. In “The Beginning of the End of Business as Usual”, he talks about the relationship between listening and engagement:

“Listening is only the beginning. Engagement is the beginning of the end of business as usual. Once we hear, truly hear our customers and the people who influence our decisions, effective engagement is inspired by the empathy that develops simply by being human.”

As a new media/public relations practitioner, I read Mr. Solis’ posts like a text book. I believe I can learn a lot from this expert on the leading edge. Some of his articles are relatively long with detailed guidelines, which are great learning materials for me. One post published in 2007 is a great example:

The Social Media Manifesto – Integrating Social Media into Marketing Communications

3. Brian Solis is a future oriented pioneer

What makes Brian Solis world-known is his future-oriented creativity. His recent stroke of genius is “The Conversation Prism Version 3.0”, the updated social media panorama. He visualizes his ideas and analyzes the trends in the post. By following this blogger, I keep the pace with the fast changing new media world, and learn to look at the trending in the future.

Learning from the best – I believe I will benefit my future career from reading Brian Solis’ blog. I will:

  • Update myself with the newest trend in new media;
  • Learn strategies and tactics for digital marketing;
  • Earn the ability to think as an influencer.

One last story:

I noticed the older version of the Conversation Prism was highly recognized and spread on Sina Weibo (Micro-blogger in China). So I “retweet” the Version 3.0 to my Weibo account and shared it to three social media experts. Within 3 hours, I got 80+ retweets, 20+ comments and 30+ new followers. So far, this tweet has 123 retweets and 38 comments, as you can see below:

I take no credit for that, it’s the power of genius blogger, Brian Solis.


* This post is originally published as an assignment on New Media Drivers License Seminars and named as “Example Work” on the course website.